If you know the Game of Tag, then you can Fence

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We Are Forging Futures, in association with British Fencing, delivers all of its content through a free-to-download desktop app. Did you know that you don’t need any training or equipment to get started?

During Covid-19, British Fencing (BF) was the only National Governing Body that had an app-based free resource for schools. We created the app with accessibility and demystification in mind. We worked with our Official Technology Supplier, Telescopic, on the development of what was a minimum viable product, into what it is today. At present, we have a content management system that we own and manage, which is important in order to evolve and adapt to our partner’s needs. We want to provide the best games that will introduce young people to a positive experience by proxy of fencing, and to demystify people’s perceptions of themselves, others and the sport of fencing. 

Why not try the Explore Fencing app now and see what your students say? Fencing is often considered a technical and complex activity to do at school and we can appreciate that organising a fencing club may well be difficult; however, the power and benefit of fencing as a tool to engage the disengaged has been measured time again through school delivery partners, as well as large and small commercial partners like PGL, Center Parcs, Kingswood, Carnival UK and Barracudas Day Activity Camps. The app as a tool to provide a have-a-go experience is more than enough to introduce them to the concept and to test the waters. We then have an affordable teacher CPD, one-day courses and full school support programmes available.

We want people to play and connect with the idea of a games-based swordplay fencing activity. We want schools to capture student’s imaginations with fencing and to get them moving, linking to our work on physical literacy. We have a tool to engage the disengaged, as well as challenge the most sporty students. 

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