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Thanks to a two-year partnership with We Are Forging Futures,Warwickshire-based GO GO Makers have added fencing to the wider provision of activities that they offer.


Resilience and Self-Efficacy ProgrammeS

As a member of our Partner Programme, GO GO Makers receives training, resources and support from the We Are Forging Futures team. They are able to deliver our Ofsted-aligned personal development programme, aimed towards primary- and secondary-aged pupils.



GO GO Makers provide Holiday Camps and Before & After School Care at Primary Schools for children aged 4-11 years old. They are proud to be able to deliver an endless range of opportunities for children to grow, develop, gain confidence, learn new things and make new friends. All of their settings are Ofsted- registered.

GO GO Makers also deliver a Creative Club which is educational, fun and exciting, and Arts & Crafts Extra Curricular Clubs (with a twist, so much more than just arts and crafts!). Their new STEAM Club is a fun approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Mathematics. These clubs are part of many Primary School’s Extracurricular timetables, and are also available to nurseries and pre-schools as the educational programme is written in line with the EYFS.

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From amazing have-a-go experiences to fully designed and Ofsted personal development programmes that cover 36 learning outcomes.
GO GO Makers can exclusively deliver We Are Forging Futures’ Resilience and Self-efficacy programme in the following postcode areas, so if you are in this area as a school then know that they are working with British Fencing and the We Are Forging Futures team:

CV32 5RD CV31 2JF CV34 7AP CV8 1BA
CV3 6RJ CV33 9RY CV47 0QB CV7

If you want to enquire about fencing for your school or community group then please contact us on [email protected] and we will introduce you to a member of the SFK Multisports team.

Hear from a young person why they like fencing!



…award and recognise students’ progression with British Fencing’s Achievement Awards. The MiniSword and GO/Fence awards and certificates have been refreshed to connect more to students’ desire for a more swordplay-based experience. Primary Education have additional support to deliver a holistic fencing programme that goes beyond a have-a-go experience, helping to unlock students’ potential as well as engaging the disengaged through a thematic- and games-based delivery.