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Thanks to a five-year partnership with We Are Forging Futures, Manchester-based Kickstart has added fencing experiences to the diverse range of sports that they offer – which already included tennis, skateboarding, lacrosse, boxing, dance, gymnastics, and more!


Resilience and Self-Efficacy ProgrammeS

As a member of our Partner Programme, Kickstart receives training, resources and support from the We Are Forging Futures team. They are able to deliver our Ofsted-aligned personal development programme, aimed towards primary- and secondary-aged pupils.



Kickstart is an established, community-driven social enterprise, working closely with schools, academy trusts, local authorities and housing associations to offer a diverse bespoke service to its customers.

Kickstart was the winner of the 2021 Maureen Clunan Be Proud Award for the Best Social Enterprise and the 2021 Fred Jones Be Proud Award for Best Project, after developing a new Community Hub in Salford, Greater Manchester.

Kickstart focuses on providing high-quality sport, childcare and education support services to schools through its well-trained and skilled team of practitioners. As an education partner, Kickstart supports schools by helping them develop and implement a bespoke, high-quality curriculum that meets the needs of their children. Part of this unique offer includes supporting the development of leadership and teaching staff so that knowledge and skills are embedded into teaching and learning.

In addition to providing schools with the tools to prepare effectively for Ofsted inspections, Kickstart influences cultural change so that mental and physical wellbeing are placed at the heart of the school. In addition to supporting the strategic element of PE, Kickstart provides PE delivery through PPA support and a bespoke CPD offer that meets the needs of the school and the improvement plan.

Kickstart offers early intervention support and runs family clubs that help to promote key skills and lifelong learning. They work with other organisations and stakeholders to ensure that their education programmes and courses are tailored to meet the needs of schools and students, while providing clear links to other areas of learning.

Kickstart provides a first-class childcare service with a nurturing home-from-home environment for all children. Each child is different, and this is reflected in Kickstart’s approach to childcare as they go above and beyond to meet the needs of all families to ensure high-quality childcare.



“Kickstart’s focus on quality, their belief in what We Are Forging Futures’ programmes can offer them and their network of schools makes them an ideal partner. Their delivery of fencing has the potential to transform young people’s experience of PE, but this is only part of an even bigger picture. By delivering the We Are Forging Futures personal development programme, Kickstart ensures a whole school sport agenda that goes beyond PE, school sport and physical activity (PESSPA) related outcomes.”

– James Craig, former British Fencing Commercial Director

New Skills for Your Team

What Do Kickstart Coaches Say?

“They are learning something they take away, whether that’s in home life, friend life. I was surprised at the uptake, from primary to high school. Everybody wants to do it!”


Sports Coach, Kickstart

“The coaching has brought out a lot of different things within the team. A different perception of coaching, different mannerisms and behaviours.”


Head of Operations, Kickstart

“The aim is to develop self-efficacy, resilience and confidence. Knowing it’s okay to not be able to do something the first time… I think that’s the biggest skill the children can take away.”


Sports Coach, Kickstart

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